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Foreign education degree certificate,fake diploma

Foreign education degree authentication services to implement "support to study abroad, encouraging home, to go free" policy, to meet the majority of the returnees personnel and other overseas, foreign degree gainer enters a higher school and employment in China, apply for scientific research funds, on the basis of and for the returned personnel to carry out a foreign degree appraisal work.Through the certification issued by the model, to show the students abroad are approved by ministry of education degree and studying way.Which contains the way of reading, attending school, study time and so on all aspects of inspection, the education degree certification, is the investigation of the above items are approved.What is a foreign degree certification
A: the so-called country (condition) outside degree certification refers to the service center of study in China , according to the returned students to apply for the identification of country (condition) outside the degree certificate or the legitimacy of the institutions of higher education diploma to identify countries (condition) outside university or other institutions of higher education degree diploma or learn a utility of the authenticity of higher education diploma, outside the country (condition) put forward the corresponding relationship between China's degree degree certification consultation, to pass the certification assessment countries (condition) outside the degree certificate, issue a written certificate or diploma of higher education and for the kingdom of failed certification assessment (condition) outside the degree certificate or diploma of higher education issue a notice of did not get a certification.
What is the meaning of foreign education certification?
1, uniqueness: remain certification service is within the scope of the mainland China for the real effectiveness of country (condition) outside the diploma and degree system corresponding relationship with mainland China the sole authority confirmed that way.
Necessity: 2, according to the national related ministries and commissions and the academic degrees committee office of the state council, the relevant provisions of the remain authentication service is to enter oneself for an examination of civil servants, induction, state-owned enterprises and institutions of higher education degree to enter oneself for an examination, must submit when large foreign companies in the kingdom of (condition) outside the degree certificate data;In such unit job promotions and adjusted at the same time also need to provide the personnel department liu certification.

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