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SEGI COLLEGE,buy a degree,fake diplomas

Malaysia century university college, founded in 1986, is a long history of Malaysia, the relatively large size of famous institution of higher learning (is also one of only two public universities in Malaysia, taught by SEGI century education grop), from more than 10 countries and regions every year nearly thousands of students to read, the existing more than 4000 students, offer more than 20 degrees and professional diploma course, including the world famous university bachelor degree and a master's degree course, and the credits can be transferred to Australia in countries such as Britain and America continue their education, admitted by the international professional groups, media teaching language is English.Higher college teaching experience, staff quality, work positive charge, the teaching quality.Location: college is located in subang never, near Kuala Lumpur, 10 kilometers away from downtown Kuala Lumpur, 50 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur international airport, the campus surrounding commercial facilities, convenient transportation, convenient road network to the country.
Introduction: the school of the Chinese embassy in Malaysia and China's ministry of education certification institutions.In 1978, the system group (Systematic) started the first college in Kuala Lumpur, the next 30 years, systems group constantly expand the scale of higher education, development to have 14, 14000 the number of students in school.By 2002, the systems group (Systematic) renamed century group (SEG International Bhd).After 30 years of development, the group has trained more than 200000 graduates, providing more than 100 classes, more than 300 students get a first class honours degree, currently has 220 full-time teachers.In addition, the group is also a listed company in Malaysia, all shares are trading company in Malaysia securities traded on the market.Century International education group (SEG International Bhd) by March 2006, approved by the bureau of education in Malaysia to the Chinese consulate in Malaysia for the record, and has set up a unified school of all its name.

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