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In 2015, 10 the best universities in the UK employment prospects.

If it is to the applicants for the British school friends, choose school and major is very important, we select a good school and

professional in order to better jobs, so when friends might as well do choose the school decided to reference the international

professionals to finish this list, the occupation or employment planning into account, let oneself study cover all win on the

starting line.
No. 10 University of Surrey (Surrey University)
The employment rate: 81.2%
After - school students pays much attention to students' professional skills training

No. 9 at University College London (University College of London)
The employment rate: 81.3%
Average annual income: £24572 (higher than the national per capita income level 20%)
- has a strong alumni (such as ma sicong god) as the backing
- solid scientific research strength

No. 8 at Cardiff University (Cardiff University)
The employment rate: 81.5%
- super media disciplines
- keep close cooperation relations with the British mainstream media

No. 7 at the University of Oxford (Oxford University)
The employment rate: 81.9%
- has unshakable position in politics, made 28 of the prime minister
- strict admission requirements plus the rigorous doing scholarly research, looking for a job, of course, no problem!

No. 6 at The London school of Economics (The London Schoolof Economics and here Science)
The employment rate: 83%
- the veteran British school is located in central London, is rich in resources
- small school discipline specialized degree is high

No. 5 University of Birmingham, University of Birmingham)
The employment rate: 84%
- member of the Russell group, medical and economic field with strong strength
The employment rate is second only to the university of Cambridge - biological science professional direction

No. 4 at the University of Bath (Bath University)
The employment rate: 85.1%
- pay attention to student satisfaction, tailored for students career planning

No. 3 at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge University)
The employment rate: 88.3%
- the extraordinary strength of discipline, numerous Nobel Prize winner (literally said a is Steven hawking the level)
- strict standards of admission, ultra high academic requirements, natural exercise the student's comprehensive strength

No. 2 St George's school of medicine (St Georges, University of London)
Employment rate: 89.4% of the high employment rate (the medical professional employment rate has reached one hundred percent!!!)
- one of the earliest established public medical school, a leading direct level of medical research

No. 1 Imperial College (Imperial College London)
The employment rate: 89.9%
- science, engineering, mathematics and other professional world famous
- with the world top 500 big companies such as IBM, Microsoft kept close relations of cooperation

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