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Take the first step in the study of the first step will be a success

Student Name: Xiao Dong

The basic situation: college degree majoring in international trade of Hebei University of Technology IELTS score of 77 Daikao

Application Major: Master of Business Administration

University: University of international hotel management in Watford, lasts for two years

Consultant: Mr.

For the first time in Aoji Advisory hall strong Xiao winter when to learn she is graduates has been working for three years, the work found that although she is hard-working but academic qualifications in the work and the future development is her mishap, for their future in a very confused and tangled stage.

First to Xiao winter I confirm the budget, Sheldon is do not want to add burden to their parents hope that they can reduce the cost as far as possible. Second, combined with the experience and language of the professional and work experience and language of our country, we will be locked in the EU countries in the Irish and Holland. The problem of the state of the country's lock on after the dawn of the winter need to be faced: the problem of academic qualifications led to her need to re read the undergraduate or college or...

With the students and their parents after the final determination of the Irish College of the study plan. At present, the students have arrived in Ireland in the beginning of a two-year master's studies, in the micro blog and space in the message can be seen in Ireland to bring her more surprises and hope.

The reason why this program is recommended and can be known as the main reason for the winter and the family:

Ireland 1 English environment: in terms of the current situation of employment and enterprise development situation in China with foreign companies to contact more closely. Whenever I hope to establish contact with the Chinese enterprises are aliens holding native language and English sparkling. So "English" is definitely the most widely used in practice, and the best use of it. And as the same as the Chinese have 5000 civilization heritage of Ireland has a very pure and beautiful English environment.

2 cost: look at the entire English speaking countries along with the exchange rate of economic stability and tuition increase seems to be the most cost-effective in ireland. At the same time, the European countries on the degree of security and living environment is absolutely very suitable for girls, free and democratic policy for international students part-time internship employment service also very perfect, to the students provide more opportunities.

Off foreign workers coat speaking, we also social practitioners will encountered many problems and rising bottleneck, regardless of learning or work is no shortcut, regardless of the university entrance exam you how many points, graduate schools have no fame, you are not professional talent, please remember that they are just started the "stepping stone" when you go on the job standing on the stage is only you, the piece of "stone" gorgeous can not be lasting shine for you. The future is to grasp in their own hands as long as willing to pay the effort will certainly win the dream.

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