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Result the outstanding student couples both admitted to university college London.

College students fall in love is already an open secret.However, fall in love will affect learning?
In ningbo university institute of science and technology level 10 building classes, have so a pair of lovers, tang with folded the results at the top, during the university won various awards honor.
In June this year, they both admitted to University College London (University College London) to continue to study in the field of architectural design.From June 2014 to start to prepare to go abroad to attend graduate school, in the same year at the end of the year, the more consistent and Tang Zheng are received at university college London, university of Edinburgh, bath university, the university of Sheffield, Cardiff university and the university of Liverpool, conditional admission notice of the school.
Finally, they chose the university college London.The school times ranked 11th, 2014, QS ranked fifth in the world, QS architecture ranked second in the world.Now, they have finished your studies five, was in the UK.(apply to study in Britain advantage?
Why do you choose to study in Britain?
First, high quality education level of the world's most prestigious
British education has a long history, standard strictly, in high quality famous throughout the world.Universities enjoys a good reputation, high gold content diploma mills, not only internationally recognised, and pay compensation also ranked the top in the world.
Second, actively absorb the international student policy
In recent years, the British government's emphasis on China's education market to grow, and show a lot to absorb the positive attitude of Chinese students, so in terms of visa, more than plus countries such as appear some "tolerance and preference".
Three, many colleges and universities, professional rich and wide choice
Britain has more than 800, more than 600 boarding schools continue education college, more than 90 universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and the legendary university) with big man, more than 150 colleges, more than 1400 professional and more than 37000 kinds of degree for your free choice.
Four, diploma hard, short learning system and value
British diploma not only widely recognized the world, and its compact and rigorous curriculum, obtain degree in a relatively short time, read a bachelor's degree usually need three years, a master's degree in one year, it means that you can early to work, recover the investment, thus reducing the cost of studying abroad.
Fifth, legal work, reduce the economic burden
British law, do not need to apply for a work permit, international students can work 20 hours a week during reading, holiday can be arbitrary, with a spouse or parents, unlimited jobs.The minimum wage law is: 6 pounds per hour.Part-time job can pay most of the cost of living.
Six, natural and comfortable living environment, and social stability
Britain has beautiful natural scenery of urban environment, clean and quiet town of primitive simplicity, welcome the people from anywhere in the world.And the UK is a very safe place, the world's only Britain police patrol don't need to carry guns on the streets.
Seven, plain and attractive, British culture of the modern movement
Britain is not only a country with a long history, and also the birthplace of modern industrial civilization.In this country every city and every village in harmony to maintain the balance in the modern and traditional.Britain has an enviable splendid culture and art, there are thousands of the nation's museums, art galleries, opera and other cultural facilities available to linger.(British study abroad professional how to choose?
Eight, the convenient geographical position to European countries
Is located in the hub of Europe, Britain is in continental Europe, the portal that many students during the holidays, can take a ferry, train or plane, such as all kinds of traffic tools, access to the neighbouring cities, around like Paris, Rome and Madrid international metropolis.
Nine, orthodox English home
Britain is the birthplace of English study in the UK, in addition to go to school in their own professional knowledge to the world's leading, at the same time, because the life in the English world, everywhere have ample opportunity to practice and use English, let you learn pure English.
10 and other unexpected many preferential
1, more than 30 students, enjoy the 22% tax rebate;Students to rent a house, rent tax, in addition to the long distance bus, train, plane and shopping can be up to 50% of the discount rate;(what are popular major study in Britain?
2, students can enjoy the British national health system of the NHS service, enjoy free medical care.
3, if the student visa in the UK learned three years, and obtained the degree of students,
After read the second degree in the UK, can enjoy national treatment, do not need to pay high overseas student fees.

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