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Let children read entire American high school at a time

Many parents ask us read a few grade begins from high school is good?Advice from nine grade, let a child to read a complete high school in the United States.Study abroad experts to introduce for you.To the United States four years of high school have to do what?
Ninth grade: learning foundation course, cram English, gradually adapt to the environment of the classroom teaching in the United States and the United States.Let the child smooth transition to the United States education system and lay a solid foundation, at the same time can also add some social organizations, for the development of extracurricular activities.
Tenth grade: start students according to their grades and the ability to select some difficult courses, student course content also can appear difference.For foreign students come to better and faster to master knowledge, will be a little more difficult.
: 11th grade is the most busy year in American high schools, the students began to frequent participating in various game, taking difficult courses, and active in the community.For most of the university of the exam will be should be finished before the end of the 11th grade.
Twelve: applying for university, and wait for the result.To continue learning in school and take part in some extracurricular activities.

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