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HND students to read at a British university

HND UK project in China up to now there is a remarkable characteristic, when is bound to choose the school general ranking is very low, so the choice of many parents were not satisfied.Every student has a dream of studying in schools, all want to feel the breath of academic shrine, parents also ranked better hope children can go to school, therefore in the process of enters a higher school, school choice problem is a lot of pain in the neck of children and parents.
According to the work as well as the entrance of the calendar year for many years, I summarized some about the choice of HND students to apply for an unplanned British university experience, hoping to bring help.
1, the application conditions.
British university undergraduate course in the application need to submit the current achievement, that is to say, the HND students must be at least after the first big test, can begin to apply for the school.When applying for school grades must be the higher the better, and it is important to pay special attention to the school to the requirement of special subjects, must achieve.Like to apply for financial undergraduate course, so will have requirement of mathematics.
2, school choice.
In theory, the British university in addition to the Oxford and Cambridge, basically can receive HND read undergraduate course.But in the actual operation process, the domestic HND Britain's 20 school undergraduate, don't tube is inserted to read several, are very difficult.Difficulty is the main reason is the recruit students object is different, the British university at the time of HND students mainly in the face of indigenous students enrollment, and after recruited will let the students read began from a bigger, to cultivate the students to a great extent., of course, not to say that the domestic HND students have no chance, if the results meet the requirements of the school, also can consider the entrance.
3, read grade choice
HND in how to choose the grade, this is one of the most critical problems.In the UK's top 30 big study of the application process, put the grade is higher, the greater the difficulty, schools generally requires students from freshman year to start reading, of course, there are part of the school can accept a sophomore students read, and if students want to directly read junior, basically not possible.Below I will Accounting and Finance professional to recommend a few schools:
School name: Newcastle university sophomore in Newcastle directly
Professional title: Accounting and Finance BA Honours
Admission requirements: IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.
The name of the school: university of east Anglia UEA have a chance to read directly inserted reading sophomore junior year
Professional title: BSc Accounting and Finance
Admission requirements: IELTS: 6.5 overall (minimum 5.5 in all components)
School name: Liverpool university sophomore in Liverpool
Professional title: Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)
Admission requirements: 6.5 with minimum 5.5 in each component
School name: university of Kent Kent directly read there is a strong possibility of grade three
Professional title: Accounting and Finance BA (Hons)
Admission requirements: 6.5 minimum IELTS 6.5 in reading and writing, 5.5 in listening and speaking
Except, of course, individual circumstances, I used to help students to apply for a sophomore at the university of Manchester, but it only as a case to consider, not universal.

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