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Canada is largest internship education base-Georgia institute

Georgia institute of Canada (Georgian College) with the industrialization management, golf industrialization management of two courses, they are also the only undergraduate degree courses of Canada.The Canadian auto business school is the only international college.
10 o 'clock in the morning on September 14, Georgia college visit Canada international DengShiKou headquarters in Beijing, for students to bring our latest information.According to statistics, over the past five years, about 84% of the graduates continue internship positions and got a full-time job!
Ontario, Georgia was founded in 1967, is the longest, paid internship professional education the largest institutions of higher learning.Georgia college in teaching the students professional skills at the same time, pay more attention to cultivate students' job-seeking skills and adapt to the workplace skills training.The nearly 7000 units worldwide signed with Georgia institute long-term contract of choose and employ persons;In Georgia institute, each year more than 4000 students in different positions to participate in a paid internship and the way of his internship.School has flexible educational system, can adjust at any time, allowed to change major within two weeks.
Georgia institute is located in the above the lowest crime rate in 2014, barrie, the safest city in Canada, where the population structure is given priority to with German and French descent, the humanities environment is good, pure English small city is very mature.More than 40 minutes away from Toronto airport, 1 hour and 20 minutes from the city center, the local in the taihu lake on three sides, is the back garden of the Toronto.Barrie, relatively low cost of living, the higher the quality of life.
Georgia college major advantages:
♦ Canada's largest internship education base, more than 66% of courses are paid internship;
♦ good language environment, the entire school 13000 full-time students, more than 300 Chinese students;
♦ one of the few have a campus school, more suitable for international students to study;
♦ international student satisfaction is high, the second year in a row without transfer;
♦ low tuition fees and living expenses, the vast majority of the total cost of a professional year 150000;
♦ SPP mission schools, visa success rate high;
♦ unique advantages more professional, won a good reputation in the local employment rate high, employment Ontario second in 2014;
♦ flexible educational system, can adjust at any time, allowed to change major within two weeks.

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