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The study in Britain pk study in the United States, Which would you choose?

Most of the plan to study abroad students will first consider when choosing to study abroad countries are the United States and Britain, so, what to study in the United Kingdom and the United States which good?(online)
Eductional systme PK: the 4 + 3 + 1 2 Britain
Master of American undergraduate course for four years, usually for two years, is standing.Master is commonly 30-40 credits, the student can if the credits to graduate ahead of schedule, ahead of more flexible.
Master of the British educational system for the undergraduate course for three years, a year.Master degree is divided into teaching and research, more than 90% of the students chose a taught master's courses, generally take a total of eight and nine classes, each course and passed to complete the paper before graduation.Most schools and professional a taught master's courses only 9-12 months time.While college students can through the 3-12 months of master preparatory secondary education graduate students directly.However, a master degree is very compact, students basic rarely have the time and energy to work.
Master's degree both in contrast to the pressure is relatively larger, students need to be in a very short period of time to adapt to the environment and finish school, the very high demand for the learning ability of students.
PK: the 300000 British 200000 (costs) to stay in the United States
School basic for private colleges and universities in the United States, more expensive tuition and living costs, tuition is around 5 - $60000 / year.Public schools are slightly cheaper, the cost of basic in 30-400000 yuan a year.But students in the school work-study programs, usually 1 hour around $8, maximum part-time 20 hours a week.
For Britain, undergraduate yearly tuition roughly 6000-15000 pounds, the medical profession is higher;Most professional graduate student tuition is roughly similar, some professional such as medical, MBA tuition will reach 25000 pounds a year.The cost of living in 5000-10000 pounds.And cut the sterling exchange rate than in the past nearly a third, so each year of study abroad costs about 20-250000 yuan or so.
Application condition of PK: the strict British flexible (application matters you know about the us?)
The United States at the time of application of master in addition to basic language scores (toefl), also need to provide the GRE or GMAT scores, for American university does not provide dual admission, students must provide qualified language performance when applied.In addition, when the school to student's comprehensive ability seriously.
British school is the main reference of the student's academic background, including more colleges and universities and the average and scientific research experience, only need to provide ielts score, don't need additional test, and at the time of applying for ielts score is not must be provided.Application and ielts learning can be prepared at the same time, two months before admission can exam the qualified language achievement.
Advanced teaching style PK: the United States The rigorous
American education no matter from the quantity and quality all claim to be a world-class level;Is one of the most developed country in education in the world, and now owns more than 3800 colleges and universities across the United States;Is the world's first country to realize the popularization of higher education.Colleges and universities in the United States has also been recognized as the world's most competitive colleges and universities.
The British education system has a long history, there have been 700 years of development history, has a strong strength and solid foundation.Therefore, Britain's diploma for internationally recognized and respected.
Various jobs PK: the United States Britain is less (which professional study in the United States has the chance to leave?)
The United States is immigration country, keen to attract international talents, also easy to accommodate international talent, also more good jobs, so the chances of students after graduation to stay more.According to incomplete statistics, each year, 21000 Chinese students in the United States, there are more than 1.5 million people in the United States, with about 1.1 million people stay in the United States.
About Britain and the United States which good, everyone has their own decision?Overall, the study in Britain relatively, time and cost more cost-effective than go to study in the United States, but the United States in the school and employment, also has its advantages.Whether to go to England or go to the United States, international suggested that schoolmates can choose according to their own specific conditions, such as I wish you a speedy round study abroad dream!

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