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Road to vancouver at the university

His classmates in baotou steel one, is a key high school, baotou area during the period of school learning achievement is very good, hope to go to a famous university abroad in the future, also hope to be able to adapt to life abroad, as early as possible to find their own way of life.In many respects and consultation with children and mom and dad to find international education group to do the consultation, according to advisers to the teacher's experience and advice, do the short-term planning.From the beginning of June last year going to apply for relevant materials of the school, after full preparation, in mid-january received the west vancouver public admission notice.
Expert review: international education group, Inner Mongolia branch consultant WuFan Canada suggest that student if you have any idea of going abroad, very early to early to make plans, according to the long-term efforts of the teacher's guidance, step by step to improve their various aspects ability and performance, it can only apply for a better school.
Introduction: west vancouver school education bureau SD45 education bureau (temperature) was founded in 1982, west wen education consists of 14 primary schools and three middle schools, about 20 minutes' drive from downtown vancouver.In British Columbia on academic, sports and art achievements in the field of school rankings, west wen education schools are in a position of a commanding lead.
West wen has three high School education (West than Secondary School) West middle School, (Rockridge Secondary School) stone mountain middle School, (Sentinel Secondary School, high School) for international students enrollment, each is based on the latest science and technology building, and maintenance.West wen education all schools are equipped with advanced computer technology, network by the campus computer network in every building.Automating the school library.The school is equipped with all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports clubs and social club.

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