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Top global best national rankings released: Germany

Taiwan "central news agency" reported on January 21, and best country "appraisal is the U.S. news and world report, BAV consultants, and university of Pennsylvania's Wharton business school common assembly.

The comparison in 60 countries for object, to survey of the world's 16000 people, to reflect their perception of countries.

Analysis appraisal standard is widespread, including adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, the spirit of enterprise, heritage, future GDP and per capita purchasing power movements, openness, authority, and the quality of life in the a few broad categories.

Overall appraisal in Germany first, "one of the reasons in its strong economy, the world influence and focus on major global issues, such as immigration crisis and the euro zone's unity".

Japan is the only squeeze into the top 10 Asian countries, Singapore ranked 15th, mainland China, South Korea 17 to 19.

The best country in the first 10 called:

1 German

2 Canadian

3 British

4 the U.S.

5 the Swedish

6 in Australia

7 Japanese

8 the French

9 the Netherlands

10 the Danish

Start a career best state: 1, the Chinese mainland.2, Germany.3, the United States.

Most conducive to entrepreneurial state: 1, Thailand.2, Malaysia.3, the Philippines.

The best investment target countries: 1, India.2, Singapore.3, Vietnam.

Best parenting countries: 1, Sweden.2, Denmark.3, Canada.

The best place where retirement: 1, costa rica, 2, Ireland.3, Canada.

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