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Japanese professional challenge Japan the graduate of administration

Students are students in Japanese major to general language class professional students face when they apply for study living professional choice, generally choose the humanistic, professional education and social science etc is not too strong major, students adhere to apply for the business class, the direction of the marketing business major and business major application has always been one of the most competitive professional, difficult, graduated from colleges and universities, on the other hand, it is to belong to 2 classes of colleges and universities, is not a strong advantage, in the student's insistence, we undertake to the student a more thorough understanding and knowledge to the students of marketing like already a long time, can't see a lot of Japanese business in terms of actual combat case books, and college choice of elective course is there are a lot of marketing, to know these, we copy the teacher do materials and communicate with supervisor, take these as a bright spot as tutors highlight, and attract the attention of to mentor, into a few times after communication and interview, the student smoothly to Osaka, Japan, one of the seven imperial university college of business graduate admission notice.
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