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ACCA,Affiliate Certificate,buy a degree.

Chartered Certified accountant Association (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA) for short) was founded in 1904, is currently The world's leading professional accounting body, is also on The international scale of overseas students, most students of The fastest growing professional Accountants.UK legislation licensing ACCA members work in the audit, investment advisers and bankruptcy.ACCA membership will be recognised by the eu legislation and law in many countries.ACCA is the international accounting standards committee (IASC), founding members of the international federation of accountants (IFAC) the main members, in February 1999, the United Nations passed to ACCA course outline based on the outline of professional accountants professional education international, the outline will be as the world professional CPA exam course set a benchmark.
ACCA in domestic referred to as The "international Certified public Accountants", is actually a Chartered Certified accountant Association (The Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants) is The abbreviation Of, it is The UK has licensed title one Of The four CPA Association, but also one Of The most famous international accounting organizations nowadays.The ACCA qualification is considered to be "pass" international accounting area.Many countries legislation permits ACCA members work in the audit, investment advisers and bankruptcy.ACCA accounting experts in Europe association (FEE), the federation of accountants (CAPA) and accounting organizations such as the Caribbean chartered accountant association (ICAC) plays a very important role.

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