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The Winchendon School

American winchendon school is one of the New England region the highest level private boarding high school. School in New York City in the northeast, in the west of Boston, from Boston, there is only one hour drive. The school has a rigorous college preparatory course, excellent athletic and artistic projects, and superb facilities, including a 18 hole golf course designed by Ross. The United States is only the winchendon school about 250 students, including boys and girls from grade nine to grade twelve. The school is designed to keep this scale because if a boarding school student does not have more than 250 people, the teachers and the students are better able to understand each other and to support each other better. Schools from the beginning of the 9 year to provide a rich variety of courses, from the university preparatory courses to AP courses. By studying these courses, students can improve their knowledge and skills in order to achieve success in the future work of college students and graduate students. The United States the winchendon school according to its purpose, is committed to providing a diverse community. The winchendon school students need to learn how to get along with students from all over the world, together with the study, life and entertainment. All the students have the opportunity to participate in the student union, dormitory supervision, student Senate and other activities. The school provides guidance, from grade 9 start to know as to the ideal university students do north. 2012 school students admitted to a lot of famous universities, such as Boston University, Michigan State University, Northeastern University, Western College, University of Oregon, Losangeles California, Yale University, etc..

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