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British university freshman how to pay the tuition?Your choice of four ways!

Was approaching 2016 fall semester, consulting a lot of new students: "English can points which are several ways to pay the tuition?"
Now is the new students to the British began to study abroad should be long so big since they carry the most money.
Even if parents no time told, carrying so much cash, or order, or just a piece of bank CARDS, along the way will be very nervous, from time to time to look at is reassuring, so can get to school in the earlier the accommodation fees for delivery after the better.
Many students are in the UK for the first time the school tuition, so a lot of money should be how to deliver?
There are many actually method.
After receiving the confirmation from the school admission will be mentioned in the mail to the school suggested way of payment, generally there are so few:
The first is a draft.
Refers to the domestic Banks to handle a promissory note of foreign exchange, or himself in the form of mail to overseas.
In domestic bank for the draft, I'll have to tell each other their draft to the UK, the staff will teach you how to deal with.
It is important to note that make sure the payee name and amount, correct the payee name depends on how you plan to invest the money directly to the school, or deposit in your are going to open a bank account in the UK.
If written correctly, the draft will be invalid.
Draft after open, according to the school to provide remittance instructions to send the draft to the UK or the draft yourself to the UK.
The second is credit card.
The biggest advantages of this approach is fast, convenient.
Choose this way to deal with bank card on is just need to tell the staff, they need to deliver the pound, confirm whether Banks support the overseas payment system, or pay any set limits.
At the same time understand the credit limit will be able to pay the amount of tuition fees.
In general, is the most common to deal with the British students pounds from the bank of China card, go to the lavatory not only domestic parents side farmers transfer at any time, arrive time soon, what is more important in the UK credit card basic no problem.
The third one is bank transfer.
This is the school in the mail often provide payment way, if you choose this way, with the school's bank account information directly to the counter or online bank for remittance.
It is important to note that classmate remittances be sure to attach your name and student number, convenient tell the money belongs to which school students.
The fourth is the western union.
This way of payment is not very common, if the school provides the payment options, only need according to the school to provide operational guidelines for school official cites use of it.
This way, the biggest advantage is just minutes from the remitter to the recipients, do not need to open an account, may at any time to pay, the recipient don't need to pay the fees.
The first three are the most commonly used Chinese students tuition, although the process of conduction or carry a little small worry, but as long as their careful, bank drafts on carry-on bag, there won't be any problem.

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