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2017 British popular business major entrance requirements and interpretation

British business major has been a domestic students aspire to the high-end professional, compared with domestic business major at the university of employment, the British university business graduate high starting point, the starting salary is high, which is why the domestic students keen business major to enter oneself for an examination the British university.In the face of applications continue to rise, many British university admission threshold increased accordingly.(buy a degree,buy diploma,where to buy degree?)

At the University of Bath

Application condition of students in the top 300 schools across the country, split for more than 85%, ielts score 7 (each single item is not lower than 6.5).

York University (University of York)

Britain ranked higher colleges and universities, ranking TOP 100 world, favored by the broad masses of students and the popularity of colleges and universities, one of the request for an early 2016 at the end of 2015.

University of york split from 80% - 80% can make applications, admit a student in the majority with 85% split.Average 80% students can try to apply for and have work experience.

Ielts score of 6.5 (6.5, other item 6.0).

At the University of Glasgow (University of Glasgow)

Tend to be admitted to the top 300 domestic university students.

Admission requirements:

1) divide 985 university require 75%;Divide 211 university require 80%;Not 211/985 divide university require 85%

2) some financial professional accept professional transfer applications

Southampton University (University of Southampton)

Apply for harder last year, for students grade point average required.Best advice to apply for this year at Southampton students to submit application for achievements of the language at the same time.

Admission requirements:

1) very popular 211 college students, divide requires more than 80%

2) at Southampton course choose diversification, accounting professional application at the same time convertible

Newcastle University, Newcastle University)

Application difficulty increased after 2 in March this year, 211 university averaged more than 80%, than 211 divide university requires more than 85%.

Newcastle university at the same time also to open a campus in London area, choose around London university students can fully consider.

Leeds University (University of Leeds)

Business application is harder, 2016 last year to apply for the same level of students can get the offer, a large number of domestic applicants rejected this year, more than 211 college students were rejected cases.

The University of Manchester (the University of Manchester)

Basic is no ielts application rejection letters, or into the waiting list

Finance, accounting, human resource management, market class professional requirements:

Ielts 6.5 (each not less than 6), part of the business major ielts 7, English writing is not lower than 6.5, listening reading not less than 6.(online consulting application)

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