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What is the difference between undergraduate and graduate?

The difference between a lot of, say a few simple
First, undergraduate degree is undergraduate course, graduate degree is a master and doctor.
Second, undergraduate education is university undergraduate course, graduate degree is a graduate student.
Look at the first and the second is the difference between!How to buy a degree?
Third, to find a job?Master's and undergraduate course is the difference between big look professional, if you go out to look for a job, not for their own professional, undergraduate course is enough.If you are looking for and professing graduate student have an advantage.You should know the undergraduate professing not many.
Fourth, the graduate student study more waste a few years or more years.High quality is not high degree can see out, but the graduate student's life there is a certain possibility let you improve, the strong stronger, poor quality of general not too big change.
Fifth, school on a class, if you are walking, I can only say that "a pity".Some good campus or to cool.

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