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The university of Toronto, admission offers,buy diplomas.

At the University of Toronto, University of Toronto), founded in 1827, is located in Toronto, Canada's first big city, originated in 1827 at King's College of King 's College.
Is a top universities in Canada, and the world renowned research universities, main campus (hereinafter referred to as UTSG) is located in downtown Toronto [1], the campus surrounding the Ontario government and the queen's park.
Toronto university scientific research level is high, large scale, teacher force strong, teaching quality, have the latest teaching methods and advanced teaching material, has world class teaching equipment, is recognized as some of the best comprehensive strength is Canada good university.
Because of its size, popularity and influence, the university of Toronto, Canada is attracting domestic and top students from around the world.
Whether it is scientific research, donation, national awards, research professor publishing scale or the collection are far above other Canadian universities.
With the world's top three library system, used in teaching and research.
The university of Toronto press in Canada and had a profound impact on all over North America.
The university of Toronto for the association of American university in one of only two non-us institution of higher learning.
Every year at the university of Toronto, the number of research papers published in North America, second only to harvard, reference number in the world's top five.
Main academic contribution: stem cells and the discovery of insulin, electronic pacemaker, multi-touch technology, electron microscope, resistance of lotus of the invention and development of the NP complete theory, and found that the first certified black holes.
As a North America one of the few remaining academy university of federalism (similar to the Oxford University), in addition to the conventional architecture, university of Toronto, currently there are 12 undergraduate college, have different history and characteristics, a larger degree of independent financial and management, in the heart of the city, with the main campus of the university of Toronto and the university of Toronto and the university of Toronto, sega fort campus xisha campus two satellite campus.

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