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In 2017, U.S. high school students apply for four difficult points(buy a degree)

In 2017, American high school students apply for four major difficulties - academic conditions
American high schools evaluate Chinese students' scores, which typically require an average of 80 or more.
Some good private high schools even require students to score above 90 or 10 percent before grade.
As a result, the performance of domestic students will have an impact on admission.

In 2017, there are four major difficulties in applying for high school in the United States
Students are required to write their own Personal Statement, introduce themselves, interest in introductions, awards or extracurricular activities.
Some schools will also have their own questionnaire survey form, or a small essay that will be filled in by students.
This is mainly to give the school an initial understanding of students.
Parents application report is mainly to introduce require parents to children, including children, character, the growth of children, development direction, and so on and so forth, and the advantages of their career, family, etc.
The parents' self-statement will allow the school to understand the children and the child's environment in the eyes of the parents, which will help them in the future.

In 2017, American high school students apply for four difficult points - school interviews
Applications for high school in the United States require an interview.
The interview is usually divided into interviews, phone interviews and video interviews.
A job interview usually takes about an hour.
The phone and video interviews typically take 20-30 minutes to determine the length of the interview based on the student interview.
The school evaluates students' comprehensive ability through interviews.

In 2017, U.S. high school students apply for four difficult points - SSAT, language test

The basic thing about the U.S. high school threshold is that the two exams are the SSAT and the language test.
In the past, examinees have chosen the toefl, and junior high school students have had several tests in world war I, choosing the best results.
In recent years, more and more high school in the United States is willing to accept the ielts scores, because previous students prove toefl score may not represent the real level of spoken, but there are also many, the ielts while apply for Europe's high school applies for American high school, increase the success rate of the application and the applicant's choice, is fully staffed.
The ielts is at least 6-7, and toefl is between 90 and 100.
Some American high schools do not require language to apply.
But as Chinese students apply more and more, the language test has become a hidden condition.

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