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The difference between July and September is introduced in Canadian high school

From July admission time length, compared with September, means that students in a real environment more than 2 months of preparation, also a student more than two months to prepare English and subjects, of course, less than two months of students have obvious advantages, which can lead to different entrance results.

From the perspective of adaptation, said even the domestic outstanding student, had just arrived in Canada may also be because the water need to adapt to 1 to 2 months, but every November (2 months) after admission, the school already began to organize students to apply for the university, the rhythm of the tension that many children caught off guard, but if you have two months summer vacation courses transition, would be much better in practical study.(buy a degree)

Finally, we can assume that, if it is September, what are the students doing in July and August?
Many parents will say, "learn English!"
It is.
But if you are learning English, can you study English full-time as before, or you can learn English only sporadically.
If you are studying full-time, why not choose to study in an actual environment?
The efficiency will be higher.

In addition, is it possible for students to travel, dine, and farewell activities in these two months, and the parents will not be willing to give up their children, so that they can spend more time together with their families before studying abroad?
Yes, it's all logical, but the result will be another "year of graduation and the goal of getting into an ideal college".

It's like a high school student who really wants to get into a key university, so he leaves campus for two months before the college entrance exam?
Is that reasonable?

In this section, parents should learn to choose.
Studying abroad is not a lifetime away from home. College students can come back to visit their families.
But if you want to a year and into the ideal university graduation, so now this moment, no time to be wasted, in July to consider priority entrance, otherwise, in the end regret or myself.

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