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Calvary Chapel Christian School diploma,buy diplomas online.


Calvary Chapel Christian School diploma,buy diplomas online.In the late 1970’s, Calvary Chapel Downey developed a mission to provide a biblically-based education to the families of the church body. It wasn’t long before Calvary Chapel Christian School was brought to fruition in 1979. We are now celebrating 34 years of “Training Christian Leaders.”

We have grown from a small Elementary School to ministering to about 650 Pre-School through 12th grade students.

Located in the high school office are pictures of each of our graduating classes, beginning with the first graduating class of 14 students in 1992. Last year we graduated nearly 100 students, sending them into the world to make disciples! Many of these students attended Calvary Chapel Christian School since kindergarten!

What a blessing to these students to have completed their entire elementary and secondary educational careers in a place where the Bible is the main textbook. What a blessing to us as well to see the cheerful little kindergartners grow to be young men and women of God, ready to be a light in whatever role the Lord has prepared for them.

We here at CCCS are grateful for the past and the Lord’s provision, but look with anticipation to the future that He has for Calvary Chapel Christian School, or as we call it, God’s School.

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