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Receiving correct answers to your questions about our transcripts, diplomas, and other documents, is as easy as just asking! But, before you contact us, you might want to take a moment to read through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) found here. We may have already answered you question. However, if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, we invite you to Contact Us. We’re here to help.

1.Is there a list providing the names of educational institutions (schools, universities, colleges, etc.) for which diplomas are available?

Over the years we’ve collected, literally, thousands of original diplomas (proofs) from which we create fake diplomas and matching transcripts. These come from schools, universities, and colleges located worldwide. We’ve been adding new schools to that list every day. If you don’t see your school listed, just give us a call and we’ll check to see if we’ve received the transcript or diploma template you need. When you receive confirmation that the template for your document is available, you can easily place the order on our Order page. Details regarding our current price structure can also be found on this page. If we don’t have it, we can create one for you. As long as you can send a scanned image (.jpg format) of the exact document you want we’ll be able to replicate it! Our standard charges will still apply. We do not offer discounts for providing this service.

2. I’m intrigued. Can you tell me what a novelty transcript and/or fake university diploma look like?

That’s an easy one. The transcripts and fake degrees that we provide are identical copies of transcripts, diplomas, or degrees that are given out by the applicable educational institution (school, university, or college). Each of our documents is completely custom-made, to meet all of the strict requirements that our clientele demand. We work together with our clients, until we know that everything is perfect. We don’t quit until it is a perfect copy. The typical document—degree, diploma, or certificate-- contains information which the client provides to us. This includes the educational institution name, be it high school, college, university, etc., the graduates name, the degree type, major or educational field studied, and the graduation date.


Every one of the fake college degrees or diplomas that we offer is sold and shipped is a complete package. This means that all seals, signatures, and embossed lettering, as it appears on the original documents, are included--at no extra cost to you! The seals--another of our areas of expertise—are actually individually created to be an exact copy as found on the original documents. To put it another way, the certificates we provide are completely accurate re-creations of your original document.

In order to give our documents an additional touch of authenticity, we make it a point to purchase our paper from the same vendor who supplies several universities with the same kind of paper they use for their documents! That’s right. Our novelty diplomas and certificates are printed on the same high quality parchment used by universities in the United States and other countries.

Lastly, we are able to customize you transcript course list to meet your specifications. We can even notate transfer credits! The signature of the registrar and the university seal are also provided. Every detail is included. No one will be able to guess that your document is really a fake transcript.

An Important Note: We work hard to create documents that look as authentic as they possibly can. Therefore, it’s important to know that neither the word “replica” nor the word “novelty” nor any word to that effect, are stamped or written anywhere on documents that we produce.

We also take pride in the signatures that appear on our documents. The same care and consideration goes into creating signatures on the fake diplomas and fake transcripts that we provide. We, first, perform considerable research to determine the appropriate signatures that should appear on your document. We, then, utilize an "autopen" apparatus to generate a historically correct inscription.

All of these steps are equally important in creating your final product—an exact copy of an original document that you will be pleased with and proud to display!

3.What is your guarantee? How to do if I receive the degree that is not I need?

We promise to every customer, first of all, we will confirm with you before we send express delivery your diploma is finished, just as you need. If you received is not what you want, after we check, it is our reason, we will make it again for you in half a month.

4.How to do if you don't make or send delivery to after I pay for you?

We can understand your this idea, in view of the first cooperation with us many customers will think so, but when you have payment, we have no reason to make or send delivery? We don't need to fool any one customer, we has been engaged in this work for nearly a decade, we have a lot of clients in the wider world, we not only do you a person's business. We work hard, the whole-hearted service every customer is the company's tenet. Customer is our god, we are the most hated deceive the people of god. So you can rest assured, once you ordered fake documensts in our company, we will try our best to help you ready to send you as soon as possible.

5.I have been looking for several diploma companies, found that your prices are very high, what are the difference between you and them?

Now this line was also making fake diplomas in some company, our company don't have any contact with other company. Degree about the price, our company is set by the company in a unified price, we can give you guarantee that let you in our consumption of each dollar value, price decided to quality, I believe you can understand this truth, we only make high quality fake diplomas, you completely serious degree to use in many areas.

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