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2016 American graduate study in time management,fake diploma,fake degree

Recently, each college entrance examination results published in succession, as one's deceased father grind a surge of number and test pressure, the domestic one's deceased father grind defeat people everywhere, however, the domestic one's deceased father grind failure doesn't mean graduate school shattered dreams, students can choose to attend graduate school.At present, during the 2016 American graduate admission to the best period, the following, international study abroad is listed for you 2016 American graduate study abroad application time planning, in order to provide the reference for the students and their parents: American graduate study abroad)
July 1, 2015 standardized exam preparation (GRE/GMAT and TOEFL).
Graduate students to apply for the necessary to stay in the United States is one of the toefl and GRE/GMAT test scores.Intends to apply for a student in this phase is the top priority of the reference appendix, according to their own learning situation arrange what you row the GRE and toefl exams.At the same time, this stage to applicants can start to prepare other transactional work according to oneself circumstance.
September 8, 2015 to choose professional & calibrating the school & writing instruments.
At this stage whether result come out or not first should select and determine the professional graduate application, professional choice on the one hand, according to their undergraduate programs, on the other hand according to their interests and future career planning.2015 graduate professional ranking university graduate professional ranking discipline is the United States.
Second, determine the specialty according to the selected after and its achievement to choose the school, when you choose the school a thorough knowledge of the location of the school, the professional situation, application requirements, and the difficulty of application, after the final after comprehensive consideration to apply for colleges and universities.
Last and apply for the key, writing instruments, applicants need to according to the requirements to apply for colleges and universities and professional applications, combined with their own situation and experience, their application window and competitive advantage through documents, to get the right recognition of the school
9-12, 2015 online & mailing materials & test results.
2016 American graduate admission generally open application in September 2015, and the school application is generally divided into three rounds.
At this stage to the main work is divided into three steps: the first step of network ", pay the application fee online;The second step is to send language performance, including the ielts or toefl, GRE or GMAT.The third step to mail the original application materials, follow the teacher recommendations to submit letters of recommendation.

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