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Polytechnic university of Malaysia (UTM) was established in March 1972, the earliest history can be traced back to 1904 the establishment of the school of science, 1946, upgraded to institute of technology.On January 26, 2005 China university of technology held a 33 anniversary and the 100th anniversary of the celebration.
University of science and technology, is committed to the promotion and development of science, engineering technology and construction in the field of higher education, Malaysia's famous university.The campus is composed of main campus and campuses.Main campus is located in johor new mountain city, covers an area of 1177 hectares (17650 acres);Campuses in Kuala Lumpur city, covers an area of 18 hectares (270 acres), also known as the "city campus".
In the process of academic excellence, as in the aspect of knowledge accumulation and dissemination of the contributions, university of science and technology play a guide the research.University of science and technology in the world famous universities to the effect that cannot ignore, its subject setting of electrical engineering, chemical industry and natural resources, environment construction, civil engineering, medical engineering, integrated science, management and human resource development, education, geographic information science and engineering, and other fields.Now university of science and technology in the top 30 in Asia.
Institute of university has 12, more than 20 research institute and center.12 college include: building environment institute, institute of civil engineering, electrical engineering institute, school of mechanical engineering, institute of natural sciences, computer science and information systems, engineering college of chemistry and natural resources, geographical information science and engineering institute, college of education, management and human resources development institute, school of international trade and business and advanced business management center, etc., to provide professional postgraduate courses in the field of more than 100.
University has more than 500 international advanced experience of experts in the field of engineering and technology for students from all over the world to provide more than 100 graduate programs.The university has more than 30000 students, 25000 new mountain campus students, Kuala Lumpur campus there are more than 4500 students, with more than 5000 long-distance education and part-time students.There are 3000 graduate students.
Polytechnic university is a national university in Malaysia, actively advocate for social and national research project, are also trying to build the university into a world-class university.In addition, the university has gained widespread international recognition, in recent years, researchers at the university of many international awards, such as in Geneva international invention exhibition of new technology and products (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004), creative inventions - international exhibition of new products (2003 and 2004), inventions and new product exposition (2002 and 2004), 2002 British invention exhibition, Seoul international invention exhibition (2002 and 2004) has won many international awards and other several national awards.
Adhering to create, innovate, and the concept of industrialization, China university of technology in the process of built in the great university has created a variety of products, including: senior program (UNITAP) the establishment of the industrial technology university, the establishment of more than 20 outstanding research center, in order to adapt to the digital and information age through the comprehensive information technology and built the campus network, etc.
In terms of academic exchange, polytechnic university and the university of Oxford, Cambridge university, many world famous universities such as tsinghua university established extensive ties, cooperation and communication with the world more than 50 academic institutions.
In addition, the university libraries, college of engineering, management and human resources development institute, institute of education and the environment, reform and advisory bureau and research management center and other institutions has passed ISO9000 certification.
At present, more than 500 international advanced experience of experts in the field of engineering and technology for students from all over the world to provide more than 100 graduate programs.

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