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Interested in Australia to study abroad? Come and look at how much do you know about these proper nouns!

A, what is the offer letter, the con - offer letter, full offer & said the offer letters
Offer letter, letter of admission
The conditional offer letter: conditional admission notice, may include language, education etc.Generally speaking, students receive the admission notice can't pay for tuition, can only pay when conditions are met.
Full offer letter: unconditional acceptance letter.Students received the admission notice to pay for it.
Said the offer letters: contains many subjects of the admission notice.Usually contains language courses, or other bridging course, connecting the major courses.
Second, what is the acceptance of offer
Acceptance of offer: confirmation of admission notice.
Students once in acceptance ofoffer sign means that you have accepted the admission notice and recognize the school on the letter of admission and acceptance of offer to mention all the regulations and requirements.
Third, what is the eCoE
ECoE (electronic confirmation of enrollment) : electronic registration confirmation.School after receiving material such as tuition and acceptance of offer will be issued by electronic registration confirmation.The confirmation is the school the student enrolled in a registered full-time courses.
Conditional e CoE: conditional electronic registration confirmation.That is to say the school under the condition of the students did not meet the admission conditions first issue eCoE. Students as long as within the allotted time until the beginning of the (usually) submit supplementary material can be used to meet all of the entrance requirements mentioned on the offer.At present, the vast majority of school only for its excellent level, the policy of opening the special agent Jin Jilie students enjoy the "privilege".
Said the eCoEs: contains more than one course of electronic registration confirmation.Generally speaking, students receive is said the offer letters, there will be a package eCoEs, a class a CoE.
Four, what is eVisa (electronic visa)
The electronic visa.This is the Australian immigration To improve the efficiency and development of a set of student visa approval online visa application system operation.It by means of e - electronic electronic technology, through a dedicated network system, by the study abroad service agencies designated by the immigration department will student visa application materials in the form of electronic documents sent to the Australian government's overseas student visa processing centre (OPC) review, OPC is through the form of electronic document exchange will file number, health declaration, visa approval letter and other documents sent to the agent for students to apply for a visa to study in services.Immigration, said electronic visa trial cycle in 12 weeks or so, most of the electronic visa trial cycle in about 6 weeks.At present, only authorized by the immigration service agencies can use the electronic visa application system.Jin Jilie students enjoy the "green channel".
5, what is the PVA (pre - visa assessment)
PVA is the abbreviation of English Pre - visa Assessment, namely a visa beforehand Assessment, also is what we usually call sign.Apply for a visa through this way, students are required to bring the admission notice, funds and other material to mail Australian immigration office for preliminary assessment.If the evaluation through, immigration office will issue to sign a letter.Students need after received the letter to the school to pay tuition fees to get eCoE, to have a physical examination and etc.Then to sign through the letter within the stipulated time send the needed materials to immigration, waiting for the final visa application results.The entire application process is usually 3, 4 months or so.
6, what is the final approval letter
Whether you're using PVA (visa pre-assessment) or through eVisa (e-visa) form to apply for a student visa, the visa application after formally adopted, will receive a letter from the immigration final approval letter, is that people often mentioned student visa must sign the letter.
In general, the electronic visa must sign the letter in the form of E-mail, text, PVA must sign the letter in the form of E-mail attachments.Received must sign the letter, means that a student visa to apply for the entire trial has ended, visa application is adopted, the next is the passport label.

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