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Nanyang Polytechnic diploma, Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic degree

Singapore NanYang institute of technology (NanYang Polytechnic) was founded in 1992, is subordinate to the Singapore government is given priority to with science institution of higher education, is the Singapore government in order to meet the constantly leap economic growth and the demand for talents and set up one of the five national institute of technology.School always regard style of study is rigorous and highly of by education, is a recognized, innovative comprehensive school.In October 1999, won the Singapore nanyang polytechnic college IS014000 environmental management system certificate, third to obtain the certificate of college in Singapore.
The government of Singapore and the ministry of education to encourage support outstanding students after graduation to employment in Singapore, particularly for government financial aid policy to attract more outstanding students to enter oneself for an examination the government institute of technology.
Singapore's most famous modern vocational education concept, is a typical example of organic combination of theory teaching and practice teaching, many years of development, NYP created their own unique concept of vocational education and the college culture and spirit, the typical representative of philosophy and culture, including: "teaching factory", "integrated environment of science and technology", "the accumulation of experience and sharing (AES)", "unbounded campus" and "4 c" features the "college culture (culture), innovative concept (concept), skills development (capability) and business contact (connection)"], etc. New concept of vocational education.
College in a beautiful environment, the campus in 1998, the new collection of art and technology, provides a good learning environment for students.School has all kinds of teaching facilities, teacher force strong, provide various professional diploma courses.School focuses on training and training of talents, to support the future of Singapore society science and technology, economic, social and cultural development.Is the science and technology talent reserve base of Singapore society.

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