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University of otago degree , buy a diploma from here.

Otago University (University of Otago) is located in Dunedin, New Zealand's south island Otago province, city, was founded in 1869, is New Zealand's first University, University of the world's Top 1%, and New Zealand only can provide consumers with applied science, dental medicine, human nutrition, medicine, sports and physical therapy, and surveying and other professional comprehensive University.The school of business, health science, humanities and science college, there are currently more than 21700 students in this study, including from more than 90 countries/regions more than 2800 international students.The university study broad, academic strengths include biological science, psychology, anthropology, history and art history, such as the otago university school of medicine, has a strong scientific research ability, great reputation both at home and abroad.The school in the 2012 world university rankings 2012.In the latest qs world university rankings 2015-2016 in 173.

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