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In New Zealand, how to quickly find a job?buy a good degree?

New Zealand has always been a let people yearning country, anyone who came here will be attracted to it.Because New Zealand is not only a picturesque, the air is fresh, more important is the peace of new zealanders, friendly, also let us unconsciously fell in love with this place.But, the people in it all at the same time, can also be worried that such a state of the future will be a good job?If I can't find a job?Today, we will give you a detail of the New Zealand study, work and employment.
1, part-time, part-time job:
Study in New Zealand is really a wonderful thing, you is to choose the house, playing online games in the dormitory, or bubble in the library every day to be a bully, or allow yourself to become a big social cafe?Small make up to tell you, in fact you come to New Zealand, if you want to more fully understand the culture of New Zealand, more deeply into the local society, in fact, a part-time job is a good choice.
On hearing the "part-time" or "work", some students first reaction in our house money don't need my own money, or very ashamed feeling, however, learn while looking for a part-time job, can not only understand the locals thought and language, at the same time, they can accumulate some pocket money, with their disposal, self-sufficient feeling is very good!
Work, as well as one of the best effect, can help you to make more friends abroad, enrich your life, also can accumulate a lot of contacts for you, for your future, is a very helpful thing.
Note: holding a student visa in New Zealand can legally work 20 hours a week.
2, internship:
In New Zealand, more than 80% of the university curriculum including internship or practical courses, but most of them are unpaid, there are a lot of classmates think unpaid internships is meaningless, and very hard, not too willing to participate in such courses.Universities, however, arrange the practice or course for international students is very meaningful.
1) generally, the content of the university to arrange internships for students is related to the professional, can let the student accumulate abundant practice experience;
2) arrange intern company usually have very close cooperation relationship with the university, if the students do better, is likely to be directly accepted;
3) through internships, also can to expand their own connections, is likely to get more opportunities.
So, if you have any related project practice or school, suggested that the students must take an active part in.
3, the school's Career Center Career guidance Center:
Among the overseas university, any school will have a career center career guidance center, it is for the students and set up good communication bridge between enterprises.But many students think only graduated need to be here, this is not correct.
Because each university career center is to serve students, each week or each month will organize a lot of activities, such as: how to create a resume?How to deal with the interviewer?Types such as lectures, and sometimes will invite large company CEO or senior management personnel to carry out related professional development of the theme of the lecture, suggest that students often participate in such activities, can not only know the local employers demand for talent, mostly through these lectures and other activities, meet the executives in advance, to prepare for future employment.
4, professor recommendation:
In overseas, the professor in the school usually part-time or project, as a result, they won't be divorced from social, in other words, professor of university of associated with a lot of enterprise or institute of social contact.If professor writing letters of recommendation for you, have a lot of weight.But many students will say it's not as long as the good relationship with the professor, professor to close points, you'll get a perfect recommendation letter.The answer is: No.
Indeed, we must build up good relations with the professor, however, is not eating a gift of China, but enough respect professor at ordinary times, in the middle of the school positive performance in the classroom, professor to make a good impression, after class, mainly to consult and communicate with the professor, so as to maintain a good relationship with professor, such as graduation, professor to do recommend for you.

Finally, to sum up for everyone to find a job in New Zealand's essential web site:
1, New Zealand's hottest job sites: the Seek
Website: www.seek.co.nz
2, one of the most popular job site: New Zealand Trade Me
Website: http://www.trademe.co.nz/jobs
3, designed for students with New Zealand's Job site: Student Job Search (part-time and full-time)
Website: http://job-bank.workandincome.govt.nz/
4, in New Zealand, Australia can search site: My Job Space
Website: http://www.myjobspace.co.nz/
5, Oakland free information and job advertisements website: Gumtree Auckland
Website: http://www.gumtree.com.au/
6, the New Zealand government job site: Careers
Url: the url: www.careers.govt.nz
So, have a good diploma is also necessary, so that you can easily find a good job.You can buy a degree.

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