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The United States in such a hurry to deploy thad in Korea. Really want to do what?

Thad system needs to take up a few acres of land, and front five kilometers belong to high risk of radiation range, personnel shall be prohibited from entering, system need special power supply, the local power plant once turned on, don't say detection technology advanced Chinese, even behind north Korea can easily detect thad system powerful x-band illuminate, unpleasantness, how can do?!

South Korea's military in Seoul on July 8, 2016 morning issued a joint statement said, because "the north Korean nuclear and missile threat"
South Korea decided to base in U.S. troops deployed terminal high altitude area defense system that is "sade" system.

Why South Korea agreed to deploy sade, five reasons:

A hydrogen bomb test, north Korea, South Korea actually felt more of a threat.Earlier, south Korean President park geun-hye tries to put pressure on north Korea, united China to abandon its nuclear weapons or restraint, but north Korea's nuclear test, broke this strategic purpose of South Korea, South Korea on China's attitude to the influence and very disappointed.South Korea now determined to deploy sade.

Two, South Korea has long been faced with north Korea's nuclear and missile threat, it has to consider how to maintain their own security interests, South Korea to consider China's at first, to deployment, with clear against thad as the change of situation, the attitude of the South Korea thad also changed, study the feasibility of its thad gradually.North Korea's nuclear test as South Korea deployed thad catalyst, played an important role.

Three, domestic opposition to President park geun-hye government domestic policy demonstrations, north Korea's nuclear test, south koreans to put pressure on the government, if park geun-hye government didn't implement necessary measures to face the risk of collapse.

Four, the United States holds the south Korean military wartime command, it is necessary that the U.S. military and the government has long advocated thad deployment system of the Korean peninsula, and around sexual pressure to South Korea.

Five, the south Korean worries about China's economy.Although China is South Korea's most important trade partner.South Korea's trade with China in the fourth quarter of 2015 was $75.6 billion, for the first time to catch up with Japan ($71.7 billion), to become China's second largest trading partner after the United States, but China's economy has been down, when the bottom of the unknown is the fact that does not dispute.If China's economic sanctions against South Korea, the economy of the country's woes is a blow, so China is not economic sanctions against South Korea for its judgment.

No matter how against China, South Korea deployed thad missile system is irreversible.China won't because South Korea deployed sade, economic sanctions against South Korea.North Korea will conduct all kinds of missile tests, be provocation against South Korea.Deda probability will be deployed to Japan and the Philippines.The situation in northeast Asia will become more complicated and tense.

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