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What is the most common mistake made by Britain DIY study?buy a degree?

In recent years, the number of students studying in the UK has been the second highest in the country after the United States.
A lot of students try DIY application.
A: so this application is a bit risky, and an unwary application will fail, and we will give you a detailed description of the most common mistakes made by the UK's DIY study.
Replying to an OFFER is not timely
After a lot of students got the OFFER without detailed reply, take it for granted thought reply email with respect to OK, but has many schools OFFER to students in the back pages after signature scanning to reply.
Some of the colleagues who have offered to OFFER the OFFER will have to pay a tuition deposit.
Every year, many students are disqualified from the school because of the way the OFFER is answered.
Don't know the professional Settings
One student, for example, was rejected for 10 applications.
He later found out that he had made a mistake in choosing a major for his lack of knowledge about the professional Settings of British schools.
Such as he chose the Lancaster university management, this major is actually a special conversion course for science students, and it is the student's undergraduate business and management, does not belong to science and engineering, he chose a set course for science students, of course could not be accepted.
In 10 applications, he also chose Communication major at Manchester university.
For the British school of communication represents two different professional, one is the "electronic communications", is a science major, one is the "spread", is a liberal arts majors, and communication major is electronic communication at the university of Manchester, and the student thought majored in liberal arts spread their application, the result was rejected again, of course.
In addition, many people are choosing a major, not understand the demand and trend of the future job market, blindly follow the crowd, and decide their own future in order to be fashionable.
Missing words and timing
Some student language achievement does not meet the requirement of the school, can not reach the school to be admitted in fact also can pass by the way that adds language.
But many students don't know their language and side of language for a long time, what time do you start and side lead to the final quota full and miss school school language class, that is really a pity.
The CAS information error causes the visa to fail
CAS is the ultimate proof of student visas should use, the CAS information error is actually caused by the school, the school each year to send thousands of CAS, so there is an error is inevitable, but if the students pass sign in the embassy if you check out, and will be rejected.
That year's effort will be wasted.
Miss the opportunity to change
Some students think that got the conditional admission letter is fine, actually otherwise, many schools to your letter of admission is conditional, students need to achieve the conditions and student exchange for unconditional acceptance after have to be admitted in the true sense.
You can't go to school if you don't hurry up and change your schedule.

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