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Information on campus accommodation at Yale university.buy a degree

Yale is one of the world's top universities, and for many students studying in the United States, Yale is their first choice.(buy a degree)
Successful application to Yale university students do not think that success of the application is ready, after entering the school need to solve the problem of priority is their accommodation, below small make up on detailed introduction Yale university campus accommodation information for everyone.
There are several types of housing options available at Yale:
One, student dormitory
The dormitory is generally one room.
There's a public restroom.
Generally need to be equipped with a refrigerator.
Other, such as heating, TV, Internet, etc.
There are six of Yale's dormitories, three of which are beloved by Chinese students:
1. Helen Hadley Hall
It is located on Temple Street, near Wall Street and Broadway.
Most freshmen will choose Helen Hadley Hall, which is home to many helpful Chinese students. HHH has a very good geographic location and is close to the engineering and science departments.
The average room of the dormitory is about $2,800 a semester, and the big room is more expensive, including all the expenses (heating, electricity and network, etc.).
There are Chinese restaurants and convenience stores nearby.
It's a great choice for freshmen.
HHH function room is one of the most important entertainment center, Yale Chinese every weekend and holidays, there will be a variety of party, everyone together board game, watching the game, meals, etc., feel happy.
2. Hall of Graduate Studies (HGS)
HGS houses are very old.
If you live there, you must attend their meal plan at the same time, about $2250 per semester.
Because the Mcdougal Center, the Center for graduate students, is there, it's very convenient.
There are not many Chinese students living there.
3. ES Harkness Hall
Harkness Hall is the latest in the Yale graduate dorm room and the accommodation is in good condition.
It is located at the Yale medical school campus, opposite the Yale hospital in new haven, near the various biomedical laboratories.
As a result, the dormitory is geographically suitable for medical and BBS students.
The housing is divided into small, medium and large, with four types, and prices range from $6,000 to $7,000 a year (August to the end of may).
Of course, there are meal plan, but cheaper than HGS, about $1,500 a semester.
School apartment
Yale's apartment has many applications every year, but because of the small number of apartments, the school will give priority to students with children, so it is more difficult for freshmen to apply.
Third, stay off campus
Single-family villa: there are many single-family villas on the outskirts of Yale.
The house generally has three floors, the third floor is the attic, relatively short, and the rent is cheaper, but the summer will be hot.
Off-campus apartment: there are also a variety of companies or privately operated apartments around Yale, and there are plenty of bargains.
Here are two nice apartment areas:
A) on Prospect street, Whitney avenue, Orange street, three almost parallel streets, along with their vertical Trumbull street, Bradley street, Clark street, Eld street, Pearl street, Humphry street and Bishop street.
The area is very quiet, and there are many Yale students, about 15-25 minutes walk from campus, and it is convenient to sit on a Yale school bus.
It's the first choice for freshmen to find an apartment.
The disadvantage is that houses here are generally more expensive.
Consider the factors of renting an apartment outside Yale
To find accommodation near Yale, consider the following factors:
Rent: there is not much difference between living on campus and living off campus now.
In general, if you share a house with someone, everyone shares about $600.
Also find out what costs are included in the rent, such as water, electricity, gas, Internet, etc.
Generally, renting will pay one to two months 'rent as a deposit, which will be refunded after the lease expires. The premise is that the apartment facilities are not obviously damaged.
If you live in a single-family villa outside the school, consider the restoration of the front lawn.
Environment: in addition to the natural environment, we must also consider the cultural environment.
Living off campus, free and comfortable, but not much dealing with neighbors.
Living on campus, it is more convenient and has the opportunity to meet more of my peers.
Security: new haven is not a very safe city. In recent years, the university has been trying to improve the relationship between schools and cities in an effort to change the image of the city.
Many policemen are patrolling the day and night.
The citizens are generally kind and friendly.
But when you rent a house, you have to think about security.
4. Parking space: this is for students who have a car or are planning to buy a car.
Living off campus, you can usually find parking Spaces at your home, many of them with parking Spaces.
If not, stop on the side of the road, but pay attention to the signs of road signs, such as when to pay and when to stop waiting.

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