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Why do American universities continue to accept ielts scores?

Learned, in American universities pay more attention to the toefl scores, generally before the ielts is in some other countries like Britain, Australia and other more popular, but times are changing, the ielts now slowly stand firm in the United States, have broken the duopoly situation, start to capture various universities, now more and more American first-class universities begin to accept the ielts scores, American universities accept the ielts scores has become a big trend, there are even college more tended to ielts, now in the United States is no longer the toefl dominating the party scene, why will appear this kind of phenomenon?
I think we need to do an in-depth analysis to get the answer to that question.
So I'm going to do that.
Does the U.S. university recognize the ielts?
The IELTS test (international English language test system) is a test of listening, speaking, reading and writing four English communication skills.
It is an English proficiency test for those who intend to study or work in a country or region where English is an exchange language.
The ielts test is conducted by the education institute of English culture, the foreign language examination division of the university of Cambridge, and the IDP education group.
Every year, more than 2.5 million students around the world take the ielts test in more than 140 countries and regions.
In China, the ielts test has become a leader in the English test for overseas study, overseas employment and immigration.
Don't look at ielts as an English test. In fact, it now has more recognition than you can imagine!
More than 3,000 universities in the United States (including all ivy league schools) recognize ielts scores.
As of 2013, 150,000 ielts applications had been applied to the Chinese mainland.
Now, besides the classic package of TOEFL + SAT/GRE, the SAT + IELTS/GRE plus IELTS takes you to America.
When another friend asks you why you want to choose the ielts, you can proudly tell them that the ielts is now in North America for a luxury package!
Even the top universities such as MIT and Boston have such a preference for ielts that other schools don't follow suit.
Is the university of America admitted to the ielts?
Results are obvious, but for students, perhaps why university of the United States started to accept ielts score is not important, the important thing is you must first get the corresponding ielts or toefl scores, only in this way the American universities accept the ielts this conclusion will work for you.
You will have a chance to study in the United States.

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