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British human resource management major,buy a degree?

Human resource management is now popular with many people, so what is human resource management.
So-called human resources management refers to the economics and under the guidance of humanistic thought, through the recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and other forms of management of human resources for effective use of inside and outside the organization to meet the needs of the organization's current and future development, to ensure maximum achieve organizational goals and the development of the members of a series of activities.
The English human resources management curriculum is very detailed, which is not available at home.(buy diplomas)
The major aspects of human resources are: human resource planning, recruitment and allocation, training and development, performance management, compensation management and labor relationship management.
In addition, the concept of human resource management in the UK is not as broad as in China, which is more professional.
At present, many colleges and universities in Britain has set the labor relations institute project human resource management (HRM), specializes in HR departments and research institutes, optional scope for more enterprises engaged in education, government, colleges, or some people to a more professional consulting company.
Today, the demand for human resource management majors in various industries in developed countries is huge, and jobs are relatively easy to find.
Because HRM is in a rising stage, especially in Human Resource Development (HRD), namely, Human Resource Development fastest rising industry, students in choosing a major can according to their own interests, and combining the professional obtain employment trend, the reasonably choose professional.
1. The traditional class

Characterized by a professional setting to traditional subjects, the school course mostly belong to the British classic traditional human resources, such as EMPLOYMENT LAW (EMPLOYMENT), etc., as the university of Sheffield and the curriculum of the university of Newcastle can fall into this category.
Most of these courses are closely combined with human resource management in the UK or eu, similar to a curriculum setting for case teaching.
The schools that teach such courses generally have a close relationship with CIPD and are more likely to obtain CIPD certificates after graduation.

2. The utility class

The curriculum is characterized by a very practical professional setting that does not set up unnecessary basic disciplines and English law that is useless for the Chinese.
Key depends on the student how to think, if students want to work in the UK or other country after graduation, the CIPD certificate will be useful, but if you plan to return, that the value of these courses are less, from the perspective of curriculum content is the same.
Among them, this kind of course represented by the university of Manchester, in terms of HRM, of the university of Manchester, the curriculum is more flexible, in addition to the half of the required courses, students can choose according to their own characteristics and the direction is in all other courses as elective courses, including wonderful classic courses.

A survey of human resources in the UK

The salary range of human resource management varies depending on where you are, the type of business you are employed in, as well as your personal experience and position.
British graduates career (UK Graduate Careers), according to data published by the human resources management is the most junior administrative assistant salary of about 16000 to 20000 pounds, large enterprises, head of the human resources department, salary could be as high as six figures.

The salary is also related to your major, and the more specialized human resources professionals, such as the high level executive recruitment, the higher the salary.
But specifically responsible for the recruitment of human resources professional, starting salary may also lower, because commonly known as "head hunter" recruit a large part of the source of income is paid by a commission, with the experience accumulated, the expansion of the interpersonal relationship, the higher the income.

Britain's human resources industry is free to study in Britain

The English human resource management has evolved from the simple administrative role of the past to the important responsibility and function that now drives the enterprise forward and influences the enterprise strategy.
Under the human resources management position in a lot of kinds and content, including recruitment, review and selection), human management, occupational health and safety, staff training and development, salary welfare, etc.
In large companies, the work of human resources is usually carried out by a team, but small and medium-sized enterprises usually take all the positions related to human resource management.

In the UK, the professional body for human resource management is the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).
The number of its members is 135,000, 60% employed in private enterprises, 33% in public service and 7% in non-profit organizations.
Almost all British companies have human resource department, and specifically for corporate recruiting headhunter, though the industry scale of human resources, but students want to apply for a job in this field, still must be aware that the visa and residence.
The British government allows overseas students to stay in the UK to apply for a job for two years after completing their studies of the PSW visa has now been cancelled, unless the students can find employers are willing to apply for a work permit for you, otherwise you cannot legally employment in the UK.

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