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Emily carr art design university,buy a degree?

Emily carr university of art and design is located in vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a public school, founded in 1925, is one of the four independent art academy, Canada is the world's recognized in terms of visual art, film and television art and design creative and outstanding style of institution of higher learning.

Emily carr college of art design

Sustainable environmental design, photography and new media, visual arts, interactive media, animation, web design, industrial design, product design, ceramics processing art, sculpture, communication design, etc.

Emily carr university entrance requirements

Portfolio + normal performance + language score (ielts 6.5)

Do not require the exam results, do not assess the student's art entrance examination results, the collection is quite important, generally needs 20-30 works.

Emily carr art design university application time

In general, the application should be completed in the first six months of the school year, and the individual schools will require nine months

This is an introduction to the design, admission requirements and application time of Emily carr's university of art design in Canada. I hope it will help applicants.

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