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7 reasons to study abroad in 2017!buy a degree?

Objectively speaking, studying abroad is a big decision for everyone and every family.
Why should I go abroad?
What do I expect from studying abroad?
Is it worth the price I pay for studying abroad?
Am I suitable for studying abroad now?
Here are seven reasons why you should study abroad. I hope you will consider carefully before making a decision.

1. life experience
There is no doubt that studying abroad is a life experience that you have been unable to experience at home.
I often say that studying abroad is not only a technology of learning, but also an important channel to understand and integrate into western society.
What is outside of study, it is very important for students to form a complete outlook on life, world outlook and values.
The information of modern society is very developed. You may feel that in the media and the Internet, you can learn everything about the developed countries, and you can imagine how you can live abroad.
But this kind of imagination is very different from the fact that you are actually living abroad.
Breathe the fresh air and feel the humanistic care, which will be an experience you can't emulate or taste in China.
Just like we have seen the love stories of countless TV series scenes, but only we have experienced the love, we can realize the wonderful and helpless.
Study abroad life will greatly broaden your horizons, real experience multicultural, exercise the ability of independent thinking and cultivate face the victory and failure mentality, and help you with a more comprehensive understanding of human nature and society, still can let you more care and love our motherland.

2, the language
That don't need to speak more, experts on the study in senior high school students' parents used to say: your child reading in Australia for two years after high school, and whatever other homework grades, English level can reach at least level of domestic English graduates.
While learning English in China, maybe some tests (including ielts, toefl, etc.) may be high, but the ability to use language is harder to break through in the domestic environment.
Of course, it is reasonable to assume that you have full contact and communication with local teachers, classmates and society abroad, rather than spending all day with Chinese classmates.

3. The chance to attend a world school
When it comes to recommending universities, a popular question is to ask what kind of university the school is like.
Then you might as well refer to the evaluation of domestic universities.
Shanghai jiaotong recently has a ranking of the top 500 universities in the world, and you can find them on the website.
Taking Australia as an example, the Australian national university ranks 53rd, and the university of Melbourne ranks 82nd.
Tsinghua university ranks at 201-250, while fudan university ranks between 301 and 350.
Beijing university publishing house has published a book "the world famous ancient bronze mirror", the book lists the various national universities, for example, the United States is a list of harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc., the UK is listed in the Oxford and Cambridge, and enumerated the sturt, Melbourne, Australia.
Unfortunately, there are no Chinese schools in the book, and it seems that the author believes that there is not yet a university in China that is worthy of the world's elite.
Therefore, studying abroad also provides an opportunity for you to attend the world famous university.

4. Opportunities for professional selection
It has two meanings, one is the foreign university has a very wide range of professional, many professional or blank at home, or equivalent professional is not recognized by common abroad, domestic typical including clinical medicine and law.
If you want to practice abroad, you have to choose foreign degrees.
Second, in China, most of the postgraduate students still require an undergraduate and professional background, while studying abroad for master's degree is more flexible, which does not require an academic examination, and it is more convenient to change majors.
For example, English majors can apply for accounting, education, media and even IT majors - which is almost impossible at home.

5. Resource utilization and reading efficiency
By the world standard, our education resources are still poor.
Despite the university's repeated enrollment expansion, it will take a long time to keep up with the faculty, teaching facilities and so on.
And abundant education resources abroad could use, and the developed countries in the way of education, ideas, and than domestic advanced teaching facilities, if there are conditions, of course, we should study abroad.
Another advantage is time, we know that domestic university standards reading time is a master of four years of undergraduate course for three years, and in countries such as Australia, Britain, New Zealand, undergraduate course only three years, master just one year, this greatly reduces the opportunity cost of studying, because you can than domestic peers as early as three years master degree started his career!
Because the time of study is short, some people doubt its teaching quality.
This is basically unnecessary worry, the way of teaching both at home and abroad is more effective, at ordinary times the strength of the school is quite big, wide into severe out is very obvious, while the domestic university is tightly into a wide, when a lot of people come to consult admitted to college is a postgraduate student in "mixed" days, one reason is because of "good".
From the international prestige of the university, it is the quality of teaching and research rather than the length of study.

6. The desire to change the status quo
There are many such people, they have been in the country has a very good job, such as work in the big four, HSBC, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Siemens and other famous enterprises, but they are eager to a on career development.
Despite their considerable income, they are aware of the need to constantly recharge and learn to stay competitive in the light of competitive pressures in their businesses.
Or their position has reached a certain height, think again is difficult to break higher (in the workplace often mentioned "glass ceiling"), then choose to go abroad for further study is timely.
There are some people who want to change the status quo, is not satisfied with his present work, hope that through study abroad get a related overseas degree after turned to their own industry development, it is also feasible.

Opportunities for migration and overseas development
Many people want to emigrate and go abroad, and it is undoubtedly a great springboard for studying abroad to take an overseas degree.
In Australia, for example, it is very good for foreign students with Australian qualifications in terms of technical immigration scoring standards.
In addition, it is important to have a national degree certificate in foreign development, because Chinese degrees are often more difficult to be recognized by local companies or multinational enterprises.
In spite of the reasons for studying abroad, you should consider the risk, time and opportunity cost of studying abroad.
If you don't have a clear idea of why you want to study abroad, I suggest you don't make a hasty decision.
Just because the family is rich, it is not a practical reason to support you to study abroad;
Just because you have money, you don't have to buy it as a stock or a property.

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