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Canada won the world most positively influential country in 2017

According to a recent ipsos survey, Canada has become the most positive country in the world, and it seems that good is a habit. Tsundere's Canada has another global NO. 1 in 2017.

The survey of 18, 000 people in 25 countries surveyed by the world's most influential countries in 2017 found that 81 percent of respondents said Canada had a positive impact on world affairs.
The results showed Canada first, followed by Australia (79 percent) and Germany (67 percent), ranking second and third respectively.

Where does Canada's positive energy come from?

Canada Montreal has been named the "QS world's best city for study in 2017"

2017 QS global survey report on the world's best study.
Montreal, Canada, topped the 2016 list with absolute dominance, and topped the list of "world's best study cities" in 2017

Canada won the world's cleanest and most beautiful city in 2017

Extremely popular and devoted to the site of a variety of TOP 101 News published a "world's most clean and beautiful city" list, as a study in hot countries immigration Canada named again, the TOP is a Canadian city breathe a > > > click to view details

"The world education quality ranking" Canada won the title

USNEWS released the "global education quality national ranking", Canadian tsundere again, success beyond American neighbour, won the first place in the world, it seems, Canada is undoubtedly the first target of domestic study in home countries > > > click to view details

The world quality of life ranked Canada as the top north American country in 2017

Global quality of life in 2017, ranking top TOP5 in Canada in the North America accounted for 4 seats, vancouver has four consecutive years among north American city high quality top > > > click to view details

Great, maple leaf!
So what are the advantages for studying abroad?
Listen to the Australian international.

❤ social order stability, suitable for international students to study, life and employment

In Canada, the security index has been voted NO. 1 by authoritative organizations.
Not only that, in North America and other developed countries to add the education resource is very rich, from kindergarten to high school, from private schools to apply most public schools are open to international students, very suitable for domestic students study, life and employment, especially young children, because in Canada for young student management and teaching have very deep culture precipitation, rich experience.

❤ first-class level of education, cultivate their strongest international competitiveness

As we all know, education level of the developed countries in North America is first-class, and education system is perfect, which is totally different from the domestic test of education.
Canada's education attaches great importance to the performance of ordinary students. There is no unified "college entrance examination" pressure, and the children can have more energy to develop the beauty of virtue.
It is similar to the nine-year voluntary education, which is not industrialized in Canadian high schools and universities. 90% of the public schools funded by the government are of high security.
And the remaining 10% of private elite schools education quality is very high, and the teachers are strong and the overall environment is relatively safe.

❤ environment, policy, education market advantages to those of other countries

Canada is a country with a wide population. Many cities are ranked as "suitable for human habitation" and are very suitable for immigrants.
In addition, to attract more excellent talents in Canada, immigration policy is very loose, for international students graduated from college degree or above can apply for work 100% sign, study abroad immigration policy throughout the world the most lenient new era 】 【 studying immigrants.

❤ costs high cost performance, from the us and UK below one-third

As the talk, Canadian education industrialization, has not been into the world's biggest countries, therefore very advantage on tuition fees, to add attended high school tuition is about 12000-45000 - c/year;
Tuition fee of $18,000-43,000 for undergraduate education at central city university: $0.09 million - 36,000 plus/year for the east coast and central and western provinces;
For postgraduate study, I will study for a master's degree of about 10,000 RMB/year, professional master's degree of 20,000-30,000 RMB/year, mba35,000-52,000 RMB/year.
This cost compares the countries of Europe and the United States, all belong to economic benefit type.
Not only that, Canada also allows international students to work 20 hours a week, reducing the financial burden for domestic parents and students studying abroad.

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