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Mr Trump has a dispute over the university of pheasant university, which is the right choice for studying abroad

 It is reported that recently, The trump university, named after US President Donald trump, has been taken to court., the plaintiff according to the university there are serious cheating student behavior, during the course is not in accordance with the promised to give them with the help of the academic theory, but constantly forced students to pay money to attend various seminars.

The court heard the case last month and is expected to last until next year.
The case's revelation also reminds students that they need to polish their eyes when choosing a school.
Choose school is arguably the most critical and most difficult step in application, students need to comprehensive consideration of various factors, such as their own conditions, school quality of teaching, professional Settings, scale, location and human environment, cost, ranking, admission requirements, and so on many aspects.
At the same time, many students may have their own dream school.
So how do you choose to study abroad?
Below, baileys study abroad make up for everybody to read abroad study abroad study correct choice school method.
One, study abroad to choose the school method correctly - position clear to oneself
To study abroad to choose the school, for their first clear positioning, the experience can be a reference of others, but cannot completely copy, and each student to choose what kind of professional school, only in the clear enough about their positioning, know enough about their advantages and disadvantages of the conditions, to customize out his own study in the right solution.
Ii. Choose the school method correctly - learn to identify online information
Now the good and evil people mixed up the information on the net, actually is not completely accurate, and some of them are outdated and can't take, and every country, every school, every professional application conditions, requirements, after careful analysis can we do to distinguish clearly.
Third, study abroad the correct choice of the school method - to prevent the study abroad study mixed diploma, gold-plated psychology
Studying abroad actually is the same with the domestic choice university choose professional, not blindly believe that go out is plated with gold, foreign university learning mechanism belongs to the wide into severe out, students take graduation certificate according to credit.
Some children score enough at home, parents do not have method really, is to find a way to let the child in a university, they can get a diploma, so neither learn the real ability, students spend a lot of time and money.
4. Choose the school method correctly - specific selection of school procedures
To study abroad and choose a school, first of all, we should know the actual qualifications and conditions of the school through formal channels;
Second, if our school offer degree, degree of education, especially at private schools in some countries, it is important to ascertain whether issued by the school education, degree education by local government or its authorized authorities recognized by the competent department of or registered, don't choose who is approved by the relevant departments of the local legal education and can award degrees, but its degree, degree is not education by the local government or its authorized authorities recognized by the competent department of school.
Third, private schools in some countries, college prep school, especially the private language schools and institutions of higher education is not standard, and some countries are no college prep school, should fully understand about the information, so as to avoid misled by false advertisements.
Fourth, if through the go abroad at one's own expenses study abroad intermediary to deal with go abroad to study, in addition to should choose certified at one's own expenses study abroad intermediary agencies, to verify and confirm the intermediary institutions to foreign cooperation school is a regular school, the school actual running qualification and whether the cooperation projects through the provincial and municipal education approved by the competent department for the record.
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