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Mi5 recruits trainees for universities for 485 pounds a week.buy a degree.

 For most undergraduates, internships are nothing more than tea, photocopying or answering phones.

With mi5, Britain's national security agency, openly recruiting interns online, potential college students may be able to add "foiling terrorist plots" and "exposing spies" to their work experiences.
Mi5 offers internships to undergraduates majoring in science, technology, engineering or mathematics who will graduate next year, the Sunday times reported Monday.
Candidates will begin an 11-week paid internship in June at mi5 headquarters on the north bank of the river Thames in London, earning about 485 pounds a week.
The interns will work in four "technical areas" of mi5, requiring skills such as information technology, coding and data analysis.
The most desirable assignment is to take part in so-called "stealth technology operations" where work involves hacking into terrorist computers or other personal electronic devices.
This is the first large-scale recruitment of interns by mi5.
"This is a new initiative and we are investing in the future," says the message on mi5's website.
Mi5 has hired a small number of interns over the past two years and has officially hired them based on their performance.
All 10 interns who worked as interns at the headquarters this summer were hired and transferred when they graduated.
Mi6, the national security agency in charge of overseas operations, has never hired an intern.
But students eager to drive an aston Martin like the operatives in the spy movie are not candidates.
"You need to get used to working long hours at a computer and dealing with all kinds of written, digital, image or audio data," says the advert on mi5's website.
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