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Cinderella can not run at all in her glass slippers, a study of British university students has found.buy a degree.

 According to foreign media, some students at the university of leicester in the United Kingdom did an interesting study, thinking that if Cinderella wore crystal shoes in the fairy tale, she might not be able to run away from the prince at midnight.(buy a degree)

The study has been published in the journal of physics at the university of leicester.
Cinderella may be able to stand in glass slippers without thinking about the size of the heel, but there is no guarantee she will be able to run in them, students said in a report.
According to the report, the students considered the weight bearing capacity of the crystal and the stress on the shoes, and calculated that if Cinderella ran away wearing crystal shoes, the heel could not be more than 1.15 cm, or it would break.
However, in both fairy tale illustrations and cartoons, Cinderella seems to have more than a 1.15cm heel.
The reaction to a crystal shoe repeatedly touching the ground is likely to cause the thin heel to break.
The students analyzed Cinderella's standing, walking and running.
They hypothesized that the shoe was made of the most common crystal, with Cinderella weighing 55kg, and taking into account the Angle of the heel to the ground as she walked or ran, as well as the length of the heel and the strength of the shoe.
Experts say that while we live in the real world, there are many interesting questions waiting to be explained in the virtual world, according to the report.
In fact, research on Cinderella heels can continue.
If you assume other crystals are used, you may end up with another result.
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