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A team of researchers at Harvard University in the United States has discovered the dynamics of polyester film wrinkling

 A team at Harvard University has reported on the dynamics of polyester film wrinkling, according to a new study published online today in the British journal nature communications physics.(buy a degree,buy degree)

The findings help pinpoint a seemingly common unsolved mystery - how paper crumbles into a paper ball, and how the related principles can benefit areas such as protein folding in biology and geological faults in seismology.
It's easy to make a paper ball out of a piece of paper.
But the dynamics behind this process are complex.
A web of intricate creases forms when the paper is wrinkled.
Although the paper will be bent in preference to existing creases, each time the paper creases, it will create new creases unless the folded order is exactly the same.
So far, scientists do not know whether it is possible to predict how a smooth piece of paper crumples into a ball.
The Harvard University scientists omar high ', ShuMa Joel stein robin and his colleagues, repeatedly rub in advance has swept into the cylinder of single-layer polyester film (PET, is based on polyethylene terephthalate as raw material, adopting legal system into thick slices, then through two-way stretch film materials), then put them flat, then analyzing the change of the crease pattern.
The researchers found that no matter how many times the polyester film has been rubbed or how the existing crease pattern is structured, the total length of all creases does not change randomly, but in a way that depends on the length of the crease at a particular moment.
For this reason, the team was able to define a quantity that could represent the "wrinkle" of a polyester film.
The researchers believe the findings will provide a model to characterize the dynamics of other geometrically and mechanically constrained systems, including the folding of proteins and the faulting systems that can cause earthquakes.
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