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The new changes of studying in Britain! Degree inflation, push two-year degree, cost reduction of 20%!

 Recently, many British universities have been warned that they are giving too many high marks to their students in order to get high quality rankings in the ranking examination.(buy a degree, buy degree)

To this end, the British government will take measures to combat the phenomenon of inflated scores. According to the newly introduced education undergraduate level rating (TEF), the teaching level of British universities will be divided into three levels: gold, silver and copper.
If the proportion of students with first-class degrees has doubled since the 1990s, what is the difference?
In recent years, the university of surrey has offered first-class degrees to more than 40 percent of its students, according to the BBC.
Today, about three-quarters of students earn either a first or a second first degree (2:1) in British universities.
Does this mean that employers have doubts about the quality of a degree?
The proportion of students with a second-class or higher degree is likely to increase rapidly, which is still the minimum required for most large companies to recruit.
According to ISE, which represents major employers in the corporate and public sector, about two-thirds of new graduates from UK universities in 2018 will meet the minimum requirement for a second tier one degree.
For British undergraduate course, degree grade can be divided into 5, believe everybody also understands when applying for British master's degree.
Be equal to or be above 3 class degree can be crowned with honour on degree certificate 2 words, below 3 class degree, basically with master have no chance of.
The ISE also said there were an average of 44 applications for each graduate job, while the second tier one degree was used as a "basic screening mechanism".
But degree-level inflation does not really overstate employers' preferred expectations.
Many people are not bothered by the mere mention of the proportion of students who earn second - and first-degree degrees, especially since no one really knows how these differences form or whether universities are comparable.
Nowadays, it is not easy for students to get a second degree, although, long ago, this was the most common achievement, now, this proportion is lower than that of students who get a second degree.
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