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In the case of meng wanzhou, Canada is obviously still waiting for the "us position".

 Ms. Meng has been released on bail, but Canada appears to have kicked the ball back to the United States.

The Canadian judge said Monday that the United States has not formally requested the extradition of meng and that she will be released if it does not do so within 60 days of her arrest.(buy degree)
The message was clear, "we're waiting for news from the United States," and left the door open for further action.
(December 7, 2018, vancouver, Canada, the bail hearing of huawei CFO meng wanzhou was held in vancouver court.)
(visual China)
Also on Monday, US President Donald trump said he would intervene if necessary if meng's case was good for us national security or could help him reach the largest trade deal in history.
In response, Canadian foreign minister freeland said legal proceedings should not be held hostage for political purposes.
This is not the first time the foreign minister has said so.
Just before the second session of the Canadian court decided whether to grant meng bail, friedland added that the extradition decision was not a political one but "was made by the court in accordance with the relevant laws and our international obligations."
She said she fully trusts the Canadian justice system.
(c) on December 12, 2018, Canadian foreign minister Stephen fry speaks at a press conference in Ottawa.
According to public opinion observation, what the Canadian side has done is actually inconsistent and even a little funny.
According to judicial sources in Canada, meng wanzhou faces extradition to the United States on suspicion of violating U.S. trade sanctions against Iran.
If the Canadian side truly respects the judicial system, why arrest a Chinese citizen who has not violated the Canadian side's laws?
It is also at the request of a third country.
The Canadian side always claims to respect the justice, but in fact, from the moment the Canadian side decided to detain meng wanzhou, the Canadian side has broken through its own bottom line and turned its justice into a political tool of the United States.
Especially when it comes to extradition, we still have to "wait for news from the United States". Americans can do what they are told to do, which has to some extent become a subsidiary of the United States.
The United States relies on hegemony to run amok in the world, arbitrarily USES "long-arm jurisdiction", and elevates its domestic law over international law. "the world has been a bitter and beautiful place for a long time".
Is there something unspeakable about this in Canada?
On the one hand, as an ally and neighbor of the United States, Canada is highly dependent on the United States for economy and security.
On the other hand, Canada, after all, is a sovereign and independent country. China-canada exchanges should not be interfered by any third party, or even do something to undermine china-canada relations. Otherwise, what is the so-called "international obligation"?
At a time when the international order is frequently disrupted by the United States, what the Canadian side has done does not help maintain the normal international order, but rather helps those who undermine it.
As a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry has stressed, "the detention of Ms. Meng wanzhou was a wrong move from the very beginning. China has made clear its position to the Canadian and U.S. governments that the mistake should be corrected immediately and Ms. Meng wanzhou should be released."
Public opinion expects that after weighing the pros and cons, the Canadian side will make the right choice. It will not go further and further down the wrong path.
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