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American universities are a valuable service, but most international students do not use them

 "Learning by practice" is the basic education concept of many American universities, which has always been the feature of education in America. It urges students not only to learn theoretical knowledge, but also to put it into practice.(buy degree)

Luyan, a Chinese student studying at st. Louis university in Missouri, said of his experience in choosing a school before entering the university: "a lot of people tell me to pay attention to whether the school has internship opportunities, but I don't know how to confirm it."
If international students are concerned about how American universities can help them in their careers, they need to investigate the schools in many ways.
A more comprehensive survey should include the school's teaching methods, course descriptions or syllabi, internships, practical courses, cooperative learning courses, career planning services, career development programs, and the percentage of students who are employed or enrolled in graduate school.
Below are three points that most students ignore for your reference.
Internships can connect the knowledge learned in class with the actual work, but this is far from enough for international students, and they should not be limited to this.
Rachel Salinas, assistant director of international admissions at indiana university, says students can broaden their horizons to topics that solve practical problems.
"You can see some students doing research for some big companies in their university LABS," Salinas said.
For example, some computer students design for Google or Adobe.
Jody Pritt, director of foreign student services at the university of south Carolina, says students should check out the university's education system before entering because it turns out that education programs and priorities vary from one of the more than 4,000 U.S. universities.
She advises international students to find opportunities to communicate with local students or faculty members for in-depth understanding.
According to Pritt, many students ignore the importance of the syllabus.
The syllabus provides detailed information about course texts, assignments, and projects. Through the syllabus, students can know how a course will be conducted and how the instructor will teach.
These programs combine hands-on teaching in the classroom with practical applications in practice.
In recent years, such programs have gone beyond traditional classroom teaching to incorporate practical work experience, such as internships and practical courses.
"Service learning and studying abroad are increasingly important components of experiential learning," says Jason Kinnear, deputy director of the office of service learning at the university of Missouri.
Kinnear felt that if a student could do well in group study and contribute to the whole group, then he could be a good leader at work in the future.
How education students contribute to the community and the world has a very direct impact on how they work in dynamic teams.
The importance of such programs is growing at many American universities.
Katryna Snow, director of international admissions at the university of vermont, said: "international students should go to the university's website to look for information not on the admission letter. It's important to know what career planning services they can get through the university."
Career planning services aren't just about assisting with job hunting or internship opportunities. Students can ask the school, "is there a career planning consultant on campus for international students?"
", "does the university offer programs such as resume writing for international students or international job fairs?
She pointed out that career planning related projects should be integrated into students' "school experience" and that these specialized services will build an advantage for international students' career.
"Doing research before going to college is a must," says indiana university's Salinas. "going to college is a huge investment. Many American universities are aware of international students' concern about education ROI, so they are doing their best to do their services, such as career planning."
But many international students don't know how to use this quality resource.
Luyan is about to enter his last year of college. During the summer vacation, he joined a financial analysis team and worked for Edward Jones investment company. Luyan believes that his internship experience in business school will bring him an advantage in job hunting.
He felt that his internship enabled him to translate the theories he had learned into practical concepts.
"When I come back to class now, I can get a first-hand understanding of what the working environment is like," he said.
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