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A large number of overseas students to return to employment, and domestic university students "grab the job", how about the salary treatment?

Because now the situation is more serious, the job market many students may choose to continue reading, when I was in senior year some people chose some of the well-known university graduate school in our country, and part of the students will choose to go abroad to read a graduate student, the road is very tough, first initial stage competition is relatively large, the number of people each year to participate in one's deceased father grind a lot, plus item difficulty increased in recent years, so to be able to get it to ideal, school reading is very not easy, based on this kind of situation, so a lot of family conditions, still can be will choose to study abroad,(buy degree)

Want achievement to still calculate only ok can apply for abroad commonly very good school.
However, if you want to study abroad, one of the first conditions is that you must be good at English, at least to ensure basic communication, and if your score is very good, it is not a problem to study in a top university in a foreign country when the economic conditions allow.
But in recent days some friends are curious about those who study abroad after the students return to China, the employment situation and salary treatment?
Today xiaobian to give you say.
First of all, when studying abroad, students will face different living environment and learning style. The education mode of foreign countries is different from that of China, so some students may not adapt to it when they first go abroad, but these can be overcome with the growth of time.
The number of Chinese students who study in other countries increases gradually every year. Some people may think that those friends who study abroad are unpatriotic, but many of them choose to return to their home countries to participate in the work after finishing their studies.
According to a survey conducted last year, the main reason for these people to return home is that their families still stay here and they also want to live in the most familiar environment.
Now China's only children account for a large part, and these people after going abroad, most of them will choose to return to China, or their relatives to study abroad in the country.
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